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Personal training with Linda Hill is an all-inclusive approach to health and fitness.

Instead of promising a ‘quick fix’ that probably has a short shelf-life, personal training sessions with Linda Hill help clients achieve and benefit from long term results. You will be coached to develop an improved daily regime, mind-set, health and physique for a fitter future.

Linda’s focus with personal training clients is in helping them achieve their own, unique goals. It will be different for everyone, because we’re all different! Whether you want to

Whether you want to tone muscle, slim down, de-stress, improve your health or have more energy Linda will tailor her approach to you.

Linda will tailor her approach to you.

Whatever your ultimate goal, you will also find there are far-reaching rewards to Linda’s personal training that you may not have expected, but will reap the benefits of. You will:

  • Have more energy, focus and concentration
  • Feel better, in yourself and about yourself
  • Improve your heart and lungs, giving you more stamina and leaving you less breathless
  • Understand your body better
  • Improve your posture, core strength and flexibility
  • Feel calmer and more in control
  • Help prevent aches, pains and illness


What’s included?

Health Consultation

Every new client will first complete a 90 minute health check and healthy lifestyle consultation (normally £57.50). This is included when you book any personal training package and acts as a fact-finding mission to help Linda work out what work-outs will suit you best, and offer tips and advice that will help you succeed. It also gives you that all important bench-mark to measure results by.

Training sessions

Each 60-minute, one-to-one training session will then involve a 10 minute catch-up consultation, 40 minutes of training, and a 10 minute wind-down with action points to take away. Yes, you will be given homework!

Alternative sessions

One of Linda’s keywords is flexibility. She listens to you, and your body, and can be flexible in the work she does during a session. If she feels a sports massage, or a further consultation to discuss nutrition, would benefit you more than a training session – that’s what she’ll suggest.


book your appointment with linda today Telephone 07976 849942Linda’s promises to you:

Linda will not judge you
We all have bad habits, or bad days. Linda will simply work with you to achieve more of the good.

Linda will keep you on track to succeed
We all lack motivation sometimes, so Linda’s here to give you the push you need.

Linda will support you on your journey
She’s not just there as a hard task-master, she’s there as a coach, confidante and friend too.