Sports Massage

First, let us clarify – sports massage isn’t just for sports people. It’s simply the name given to a massage that is intended to do more than a ‘pamper’ massage.

While it can still give the benefits of a relaxing massage, such as improving circulation, detoxing the lymphatic system and relieving tension, it can also do far more.

Sports masseurs like Linda are trained in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries that can be common in athletes, but also conditions and general discomfort that can be brought on through work activities, incorrect posture, stress – and the day-to-day running around we all do!

It has also been found to help sufferers of muscle related disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease.

If you suffer from any of the following, sports massage may be able to help you:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Muscle aches or pains
  • Muscle spasms or cramp
  • Insomnia or poor quality sleep
  • Joint pain and/or inflammation
  • Lack of energy

sports massage isn’t just for sports people